“Women are motivated by life, by what money can do for them in their life, by their goals, by the freedom, by the flexibility, not by a number.”

Sam Saperstein is Managing Director of Women on the Move, a dedicated initiative at JPMorgan Chase focused on supporting women-run businesses, improving women’s financial health, and advancing women’s career growth. And for Sam, it’s important to ask why—even two decades into the 21st century—women are STILL less likely than men to own our financial futures.

Samantha (Sam) Saperstein leads the firm-wide Women on the Move program at JPMorgan Chase. In this role, Sam manages programs designed to fuel female ambition and ensure women have equal access and opportunity. Sam collaborates with teams across the bank and external partners on initiatives to support female business owners, educate female consumers and empower female employees. Prior to this role, Sam spent five years as chief marketing officer of Chase Commercial Banking, where she led the marketing, communications, and client experience functions. This included traditional and digital marketing efforts, media relations, employee communications, market research, and client satisfaction initiatives.

Prior to joining Chase, Sam was group head of U.S. Core Products at MasterCard. Earlier in her career, Sam was a strategy consultant in the New York office of McKinsey & Company, where she served retail and wholesale banking clients. She also worked in journalism and spent several years covering the U.S. Treasury market and macroeconomics for Dow Jones Newswires, The Wall Street Journal, and Barron’s.

Resources mentioned in this episode: Women On The Move, Women On The Move podcast, The WIN Summit, Are Women Better Investors Than Men? Warwick Business School report


I am a woman and women and people of color combined make up 1.3% of the asset managers in our $70 trillion investment industry!”

Kristin Hull shares her experience as a conscious investor – and encourages women to start their journey now to invest with their values. She leads the way by example at Nia Impact Capital and through her shareholder advocacy. On this episode of Our Money Power, hear Kristin’s journey from teacher to asset manager, as well as what women and companies can do now to invest with their values.

Kristin Hull is founder and CEO of Nia Impact Capital, a women-led Registered Investment Advisor leading the charge to change the face of finance by hiring and training women and people of color in sustainable and transformative investing. Kristin founded Nia Global Solutions, a gender-lens portfolio of solutions-focused companies, in her efforts to bring impact investing into the public markets.

An impact Investor since 2007, Kristin oversaw the investment process for the first family foundations as they moved their endowment assets into 100% alignment with their philanthropic mission. In 2010 Kristin went on to found Nia Community, a 100% mission-aligned impact investment fund focused on social change and environmental sustainability in her hometown of Oakland, California. Prior to devoting her career to transforming our financial system, Kristin was a full-time educator, teaching bilingual classes in Oakland and San Francisco.

Resources mentioned in this episode: Invest for Better / CNote / Nia Impact Capital / Rainforest Action Network


“Money is more fun when it’s aligned with your values. And what we have to understand is our money has impact!”

Tracy Gray is poised to be the first black woman to raise $100 Million for her Venture Fund called the 22 Fund, despite the persistent challenges and obstacles for women and BIPOC founders to raise capital. On this episode of Our Money Power, Tracy Gray shares how she went from NASA engineer to venture capitalist and all she is doing to ensure more women founders get funded and more women begin investing, and investing with their values! 

Tracy Gray is a former NASA engineer turned Venture Capitalist. Currently the Founder & Managing Partner of the 22 Fund, Tracy is a multifaceted leader in social and economic equity in finance with extensive expertise in international business and export promotion, impact investing, economic development policy, and technology. Tracy is also the founder of We Are Enough, a nonprofit educating women on why and how to invest with a gender lens.

Resources mentioned in this episode: The22Fund.com, WeAreEnough.biz